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Thanks for your kind words

It’s always a pleasure to get feedback from my clients, and reassures new clients that their business is in safe hands.
I love navigating through admin, so that they can do what they love too, driving their business to further success.

Theresa is a fantastic asset to any business. Theresa’s communication style is so easy to work with. She is able to translate my goals and provide excellent solutions. Theresa’s quality of work is exceptional and she is able to work quickly allowing me to meet my objectives. Having someone that I can rely on to take care of the little things that take up so much time is invaluable. Thank you Theresa.

Kathryn Woolridge - HR Consultant

Chester Group HR Solutions

Theresa is an experienced and highly capable Office Administrator. She understands business priorities and the need to reprioritise work when this priorities change. Theresa demonstrates high attention to detail and is thinking ‘one step ahead’ to ensure timely and efficient use of people and resources in the business.

Brian Renwick - Director

BPPR Consulting

Working with Theresa was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Theresa is not only a wonderfully kind and thoughtful person that genuinely wants the best for her clients, but she’s also made the biggest difference in helping me with my healthcare practice so that I can focus on the most important part of my job, which is taking care of my patients.

Virtually Everything Admin is a must if you’re into having more time to do what matters to you or growing your business!

Fiona Lam -

Naturopath & Coach, Fiona Lam Naturopath

I have dealt with Theresa for a few years now and she was first introduced to me by
Kathie Thomas to carry on giving computer orientated technical support, for my business
as an Architect, and also support for the continued running of my two web sites – Kathie
was retiring.
I immediately liked how friendly and enthusiastic Theresa sounded over the phone, and
we have communicated in this same manner ever since.
I have always found Theresa very quick and understanding to take on board whatever
different task, problem, or idea I might run by her.
However busy Theresa may be, she has always been prepared to get back to me as soon
as she can (or at least tells me when she can next attend to business I may have), which
shows me she is a person who is responsible, ready to help and someone who has the
courtesy and reliability to be there when you need them.
I simply would not have been able to deal with the computer communication necessary to
run my practice, if I didn’t have someone as knowledgeable and effective as Theresa – she
has been a great help to me.

Peter Lees -

Architect, Cheap Home Designs

I have worked with Theresa since 2016 and found her exceptional people skills and dedication to the work she does to be invaluable. She is a pleasure to work with and I know I can always rely on her dedication and professionalism to get the job done and done very well. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Adam Le Good - Director

Fundamental Training & Development

As a self-employed consultant, I recently utilised the services of Virtually Everything Admin to keep momentum in my business whilst I was holidaying. Thanks Theresa Pendergast, you were amazing at booking appointments, so I could hit the road running when returning for work.

James Merchant - Director

Merchant Design Thinking

Theresa is very smart, effective and dedicated to making everything run smoothly! I can recommend her unreservedly!

Jennifer Berensen - Senior Advisor

Department of Environment

Theresa stepped in to fill a breach just before I started at the organisation and she tackled the challenges alongside me. Theresa is a joy to work with, her sunny disposition is a credit to her. She’s positive no matter what is going on and is willing to give anything a go. While we’ve now settled in a new staff member, it gives me comfort to know if we ever needed a hand, Theresa is more than happy to help.

Erin Eades

General Manager, Occupational Therapy Australia

I’m a Travel and adventure blogger and Theresa has been helping me out big time with Ghost writing some of my blogs, to clear my back log. I would totally recommend Theresa and would certainly look into using her other services in the future.

Chris Fry - Travel Blogger

Aquarius Traveller

Theresa is the Online Business Manager for Advancing Women. This is code for being the person who enables me to be at my best and to grow my business. It’s also code for being a skilled ‘herder of cats’, translater of (sometimes) bonkers ideas from her boss, wrangler of (lots of) administration and the creator of a calm, orderly, efficient and well-run back-office in my organisation.

I simply could not do what I do so well without Theresa working with me. Her client focus, agility and flexibility is the next level, as is her positive mindset.

Michelle Redfern - Director

Advancing Women in Business & Sport


I wanted to thank you for all your advice and recommendations you shared with me, after checking out our processes.

We are now use Xero for all of the Aged Care Invoicing, it’s quicker and much more efficient, thanks to you.

It’s sometimes good to have someone outside a business have a look inside to give you clarity and ask questions.

Theresa thanks once again.

Mark Schneider

Owner & Senior Physiotherapist, BodyRight Health Care