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About VEA

VA Trainer Graduate

Theresa Pendergast

Virtual Assistant, Melbourne Australia

My name is Theresa Pendergast and I’m a Virtual Assistant based in Melbourne, Australia. I can assist you with your admin remotely, no matter where you are geographically located.

I have over 20 years’ experience in professional administration, working in Allied Health Practice Management, IT, Education, Technology Companies and Corporate Operations Management supporting business leaders, entrepreneurs and medical practitioners.

Prior to establishing and growing my own business, I worked for IBM and Price Waterhouse Coopers in both Melbourne and London. In the UK, I worked for the Ladbrokes Group, working in administration and technology and training staff to be more efficient and to use new software.

I have worked for a number of learning and development organisations, organising events and ensuring the smooth operation of seminars and conferences, both locally and internationally.

Certificate IV in New Small Business

Theresa Pendergast holds a
Certificate IV in New Small Business

I can look after your business and/or personal affairs remotely

When you’re a busy person, there’s often so much to keep on top of, that taking a break for even a few hours becomes impossible.

You find yourself so distracted by the sheer volume of admin that you spend more time sending emails and making phone calls than getting on with the job you set out to do, and focusing on the paid tasks that you actually love working on.

What you need is someone to add more hours to your day, and more days to your week, and I can do just that for you.

That’s where I come in.